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Real People with Real Results


We’ve been clients since 2013 and have found Weinch Capital’s team to be very professional, friendly and always helpful. We are treated with respect and are as important to them as anyone, even though our portfolio is moderate in size.

Jessica Martin

Planning for a New Child

Our portfolio has been well managed, and every facet well explained. It was very helpful to have our complete financial portfolio reviewed and have their expert input as to what we needed to a greater financial future.

Michael Smith

Switching to a New Career

Shortly after we lost our job, we have benefited from the advice from Weinch Cap. It provided great support in this transition. As a young couple, the preparation of a financial plan, wealth creation, and estate planning are crucial.

Sarah Albert

Unexpected Job Loss

As our portfolio is managed and we increase our financial readiness, I know you and your team work hard. You are handling our portfolio with great professionalism and we are extremely satisfied with the performance.


Suzie Doe

College Tuition Planning

Idriss and his team get my highest endorsement because I sleep well and seldom if ever worry about their performance.  Idriss and his team offer my family and I peace of mind as a major service.


Laura Mills

Negotiating Job Salary

Having made a long-term commitment to Idriss and his team, I have full confidence that I have my best interest in mind. Every meeting is characterized by their integrity and professionalism, as well as their concern for clients, both personally and professionally.


John Dorsey

Planning for Retirement
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